Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Feeling Gratitude

Today is a good day. It actually began last night. I am a tender hearted person. Meaning I am your typical, overly emotional person. I believe that is why art speaks to me. It's a safe place to express what is inside. The last 24 hours I have cried just a little. Don't worry they are tears of joy.

I have 100 likes on my Face Book page. I have 100 followers on my Instagram account. In the "big picture" of things this may seem very small to you. As I sit here, I am thinking I have never had 100 people in a room just for me. Yet, today in my virtual room I have 100+ and rising. I am touched and it means a great deal to me.

I want you to know I will always remember each of you who have cheered me on, encouraged me, talked with me in interest about what I was doing. I will always remember those who got excited when they purchased their first set and told me how much they loved how easy my doodles were to use. I will always remember the feedback that you gave to make my images better. I will always remember the free advice that also made my business better.

I want you to have a doodle that I really like. In the past year I have really become a poppy fan. Flowers have so much meaning behind each kind. I drew a poppy. They make me think so many things. They make me think of the Poppy tower in London that an artist created this past memorial day. They make me think of people that have left us here to become our guardian angels. And now, they will make me think of you.

Thank you. With all my heart for the love. Keep sharing. Keep liking and if you haven't tried them out yourself....buy a set today and see what you think.

May God be good to you today.


For this poppy to become yours to use for free, all you need to do is right click with your mouse and then save as. And she is yours. There is the color version, the jpg version and the png version. Choose one or take all three. All my love.

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