Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doodle A Day With Daisy

Friends. I love making and sharing my doodles. I love creating them and selling them. However, lately I have wanted to do more with this new found passion. To take things to an even more positive level. To share a message and have it catch on like a wild fire. I recently created some POWER WORD doodles and it seems those messages found root in my heart, because I am finding myself trying to live by them. Each one in different ways. Today it's LuckyLittleLearners word. Fearless.

See, the biggest reason I started doodling was because I have struggled for years with depression. There were some really dark days in my past. Such dark days I didn't know if I would see them through. I know it was by the grace of God and the lives of my children that those really dark days are forever in my past. One of the reasons why, is that I learned I needed to CREATE. That word saved me.

I have many outlets now, photography, watercolor and acrylic paintings. My doodles really have grounded themselves in my heart and helped me. I know now when I start to feel blue, that it's time to doodle.In fact, I think it has changed my brain a bit. Instead of getting so blue I can't get out of bed, now my brain tells me, we need to doodle. Some project inspiration will come into my mind and I WORK my way through the blues. I find it funny that this past year there are now studies cropping up to show that coloring creates happiness. I think that most artists have always known this. Children know this, that's why they love to do it. I believe that creating my silly little doodles are also making my brain happy and fighting off the sadness of life.

My message to the world this year is create. Create to find joy.

Now, I know that I am not the only doodler in the world! Admit it. I am sure there are times when you doodle too. You are on the phone with a paper nearby and you doodle while you talk. You are taking notes in class and you doodle. (Even my husband doodles and he's hardly ARTISTIC. He is logic where I am emotion.) Point is - Everyone doodles.

So, I want you to help me spread my message. Create to find joy by doodling each day. I created a list to follow to get you going.  Maybe, you won't be able to do it everyday. Maybe you won't like the topics. No worries. Join in when you can. Share the love and the hashtag. I will do one of these every month for the rest of the year. But, don't just closet doodle. Doodle and share. There is joy in showing our work to others also.

Help me friends. Let's spread joy. Let's find peace and happiness this year by increasing our endorphins as we doodle. Let's share love to those who are stuck in the blues while keeping ourselves out of the darkness that depression can bring.

Doodle with me. Use the hashtag #Doodleadaywdaisy on instagram. I will share your doodles every Sunday to spread the love all over the world. My instagram account is @DaisyADayDoodles. Check back often. Looking forward to see where this will go.

Here is February's list.

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