Monday, June 29, 2015

Two New Sets Are Live!

I feel like this journey has already taught me so much. I am learning to do my doodling for the love of art, which is my passion. I am enjoying sharing them. I am enjoying making new friends. I even hit 100 likes tonight! I feel like it's been a great begining. It's taking time and effort, and that is okay! Nothing is worth the joy if it's easy. I'm good with it now.

I want to share my two new sets with you. They are live at both my Etsy shop and my TPT shop.

First set is called - DOG GONE GOOD LIFE.
I am a dog lover. I have been since I was little. We always had a dog in the house. A new friend of mine asked me to draw dogs. I felt a great deal of joy drawing these. My husband is not a dog person. I have not had a dog in my life personally for 11 years now. However, I get my fix from my dear friends who love their pets. I know you will love this set. If you are decorating your classroom, making cute worksheets for school, or darling scrapbook pages about your pet you need this set!

He's my favorite. 
Did I mention you get 4 free color images with the clip art set. You do. As a thank you!

The next set is a Garden Party set. 

 As a kid I distinctly remember my mother getting flowers every spring. She would spend countless hours making our yard look like the best one on the block. I think this must be why I love flowers. This set reminds me of her. 

19 individual images in both jpg and png. Use if for your next garden party, spring worksheets for school, or just cute up your flyers for work! 4 color images as a thank you for your love and support.

Check them out at my shops and purchase yours today. If you can't find a use for them, share them with someone who will. You are my greatest asset. Thank you! Don't forget to stop by my freebies page and get a freebie from each of these sets. 


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