Saturday, July 9, 2016

Be Brave

I am excited to share a little piece of some new work I am doing. I have not liked how I have been coloring my line art prior to this because it was flat and boring. I am a self-taught techy, especially where Photoshop is concerned. (Youtube tutorials are very helpful.) By trial and error I have learned to color my art digitally after I create my line art. I found that after the line art was done, the digital portion of my work was sucking the fun and joy out of my hobby. I have even lost a little of the love of creating and that hurt as I create to be happy.

After watching other artists having definite styles of their own and be successful this year, I realized I was at an impasse and needed to improve. I have since sought out others to evaluate my work. I started looking at new mediums. What started out as a hobby in May 2015 has become a passion. One I am not willing to readily give up on. In order to become successful one must improve. This is ever true in Art, which is why I love it. It gives my mind wings, and my heart and spirit room to grow. I don't just love this. I NEED this. As I believe all humanity does. Are you not happier when you create something of your very own?

I started water coloring when I was about 13. I just dabbled. Added color to a few little projects here and there. When I went to college I took watercolor classes. I also took oil, pastels, portrait, and drawing classes. Of course my favorite was watercolor. It's simple, forgiving. It starts light, and can be as dark as you make it. Years later, I had forgotten this love. Until I started paying attention to other artist and their styles. Specifically, clip artists.

A new friend of mine Sarah of Sarah Pecorino Illustrations and Designs creates work that looks like watercolor. Hers is done digitally. Which is entirely impressive to me. Upon getting to know her better, I was enthralled by the quality of her work and experience. (Let's just say, I want to be her when I grow up.) I was inspired by her amazing art, so I bravely asked her if it was okay to take the idea of watercolor and add it to my artwork. I would be doing it by hand though. She was very encouraging and helpful. So, here I am.

I am pleased to reveal the first color clip art that is part of a two set series. Here to debut my new style of color and design is King Franky the Fox. Reminding you and me to BE BRAVE! 

My art is on Redbubble now. If you love him as much as I do, you may just want to have a t-shirt, sticker, mug, pillow or bag with his darling face printed on it.

Follow this link to purchase him. ----------------->  Be Brave Little Fox

He will be included in a clip art set coming in the next few days in my Teachers Pay Teacher store as well as my Etsy Shop. 

If you love him, share him with friends. He is a great reminder to us all to take the leap of faith it takes to create something to bring you joy. Don't be afraid to be out there. Don't be afraid to improve. Don't ever stop growing.

With love,

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