My Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl who never stopped doodling. If there was a pen or pencil in her hand she was drawing something. One day that girl went to middle school and out of sheer boredom started to doodle on her pants. One doodle led to two, then three. By the end of the day she had an original pair of pants with doodles all down her leg.

Back then, creativity and original clothing wasn't too cool. Nor did her mom appreciate the work she had made for her as she tried to get the doodles out of the pants.

I have always considered this the birth of my habit, passion, gift. Call it what you want. I call it silliness that brings me the GREATEST of joys.

Over the years I have learned to paint, and take pictures. I have taken countless art classes among my teaching classes. Art fills my spirit like nothing else in the world can.  I became a teacher in my late 30's after my failed first marriage. I have three children. I remarried into a family of 4 children that has since expanded into 16 grandchildren! They call me Mima and I love it. I have taught at lots of different grade levels. I have been in Language Arts at the middle school level, 2nd grade, 5th grade and I am currently teaching 3rd grade.

As much as all of these things make me very happy, I just cannot describe the feeling that I get when I create something to share. Mostly it's been paintings for people I love in my family. I have never tried to sell anything until this year. My art has mostly been for myself in years past.  Now, I give the world my doodles and hope they find some joy in them.

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