Friday, July 31, 2015

Five for Friday

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Leaving California and returning to New Mexico has been a tough blow to say the least. I was so relaxed and happy just chilling at the beaching and sight seeing. I am an ocean girl through and through. I love lighthouses and have since I was about 10 years old. It's funny, people have said I was born in the wrong part the U.S. I have lived in the landlocked southwest all my life. But, oh! How I could love living on a coast. I probably wouldn't get any work done though. Reality has set in being back two days now. The stress is hitting and I am seriously missing the ocean air.

I moved out of 216 at the middle school I had been teaching at for two years. I was teaching Language Arts to 6th graders. They are mostly Native American, Hispanic children. Anglo population is about 10%. It's a very difficult life these kids come from and it just proved to be too much for me emotionally. Not because I couldn't handle the kids but because I couldn't handle the heartbreaking situations they have to deal with. I cried often. After two years I felt it best to move back to elementary. It was a hard thing I had to do yesterday. I was sad to leave the subject of my passion. Reading and Writing. On a happy note don't you love my helpers costumes. They kept me upbeat all day.

So, where am I moving to? See that beautiful new building in the bottom of the photo. That's my new elementary. I will be teaching 3rd grade and I am getting more and more excited about it everyday. HOWEVER, the school won't be ready for our open date on August 10th. It won't be ready to move in to until September 30th. And that is a tentative date if all goes well. Therefore, that little green door on the right of the top photo, that 's my room for two months. All that stuff on the truck in the picture above, yah that is parked in my garage until new school move in. I don't want to move three times. I am not really sure how operating a classroom on a shoe string is going to go....but as a teacher you gotta be flexible. Right?

I came home from packing up my room pretty deflated and in need of some downtime. I got on my computer and started playing. You may have seen me post this yesterday. I started working on a poster for my students homework binders and used ALL MY OWN clip art! It cheered me right up. It may not be desireable to be a person of pride, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of my doodles. I am patiently waiting for the rest of the world to notice them.

While I was on vacation, I started seeing all kinds of fun things teachers were purchasing this summer to cute up their classroom or breath new life into their old supplies. Someone posted these cute animals with the stories If you give a .... you fill in the blank. Kohls cares does stuffed animals with their books for $5 each all the time. I knew I didn't want to haul them everywhere on my trip so I jumped on line and ordered mine. I got the mouse, the dog, and the moose. It was super easy and I was happy they had them there. When I got home from vacation I got to open the box. I had no idea how ADORABLE they really were! I am so excited about them that I started some clip art sets to go with them. I can't wait to share them with my students on our worksheets and activities. I plan to use them for cause and effect with my 3rd graders.

I hope you are well. You are happy in your part of the world. Teachers I hope you are feeling jazzed up about your year. I am getting there. I am remembering to take one task at a time and not get overwhelmed. (Easier said than done.) I am thankful for my family who puts up with and helps me so much!

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ithappenedin3rd said...

Your clip art is super cute! Very unique and it's obvious you put a lot of effort into it. I know what you mean about patiently waiting for people to notice your work!

Zay Parra said...

I love your 5! I made my boyfriend buy the the mouse and the moose! Your new school looks so pretty by the way!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Magically in First

CountryGirlz Survive said...

Thank you for your comments! It is always nice to hear what people think of my work!

CountryGirlz Survive said...

I have the all three. I have clip art sets for mouse and dog. I still need to work on moose. Then, I can't wait to create cute classroom work to go with it. Thank you for the comments.