Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My First Mini Set

I am so excited to present my first mini sets. I am looking forward to doing many more. They are inexpensive and will come with an added creation of my own. Let me explain.

For $3.00 at my etsy or tpt stores you will get a mini set. Each mini set includes several things.

  1. Several individual hand drawn images. 7 to be exact. They will be color in jpeg and png. (Jpeg is a normal sort of picture file. Png is an image with a transparent background. It works best when adding it to a document of your own.) You will also have the line art in jpeg and png. Those work well for regular black and white printers. You can use them as coloring pages for your kids or on a document you create. 

In this image you can see the color images as well as the line art behind them. Remember they are 7 individual images. 

        2. You also get a file of some sort for your personal use. This set includes table setting cards for 
             your Thanksgiving table. If you are like me, I love to make my table look festive. I like to 
             make the oreo turkeys, snack cups, pretty know...the works. It's the one time a 
             year I am homemaker not teacher but just mom making the home warm and wonderful. I 
             always include some sort of name tag. This year, I am excited to use my clip art for those 
             name tags. I put them in a document with line art and color. If you want it easy to just print 
             and go, the color is for you. If you want to have your littles color them, or feel happy as you 
             color them, the line art version is your treat. This little part of the file is pretty much a free 
             gift to you, my buyer. A way of saying thanks. I appreciate your support. 

And that is it. My first of many in mini sets. I enjoy drawing the images, but I also enjoy creating things with them. It's kinda my way of showing you all that you can do with the images you purchase. The creative possibilities are endless. 

I sincerely hope your holiday is wonderful! If you like my mini sets share this post with a friend. They might enjoy hearing about them too. Watch for a Christmas mini set, coming soon. 

With love and blessings to you ~ The Doodler

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