Friday, June 12, 2015

School Sets

My children have been gone for four days on a Trek. I am LDS and we believe in sending our children out to experience what our ancestors did when they were seeking religious freedom trying to flee from persecution. Essentially, they go up in the mountains and pull hand carts for four days from one destination to another. They camp, and eat pioneer type food. They sing, and have firesides or worship services. It is a life changing experience and one I am happy they could go on.

Having said that, I am also a worrying momma. It has been raining intensely for 3 days and I knew they were out in it. I didn't sleep well the first night as I listened to the lightening and thunder outside my window.

The picture shows them and the wagons they were pulling. There were over 500 youth that went and experienced this.

Needless to say they have since been rained out and are holed up in a barn waiting for their bus ride home tomorrow. While I can't wait for them to arrive and hear all their stories, I have kept my mind busy and have new sets to share with you.

I completed 3 school sets. These sets are purely selfish. I am a teacher. I have been teaching for 6 years. The last two I spent at the middle school teaching Language Arts to 6th graders. I am going back to elementary though and really excited about it. I have used other clip art to create my teacher documents and have always wanted to have my own to use. Now I do. I am excited to have them to use myself and when I am excited about something I love to share it. Below are the three sets that are now available at my ETSY and TPT shop.

I hope you enjoy them and share the place to purchase them with others. My marketing strategy is minimal. It all hinges on your support and help. I cannot tell you how much I appreicate all you do when you share, like, rate, and favorite my pages.

Don't forget to visit my other pages. The find me page has all my other sites listed for your conviencience. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and my shops. Check back here at my blog often. I love to share my stories and artwork. Freebies are posted with each new set. You just need to right click and then save the image and they are yours to use. I only ask that anytime you use my artwork you give me a shout out about it. You guys are the best.


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