Monday, June 1, 2015

Patriotic Doodle Set

 I grew up in a very patriotic home. I have 3 siblings serving in the military. My sister is a Marine. My youngest brother is in the Air Force. My middle brother served in the army. Then I married a man who retired from the Air Force. 22 years active duty. I love this country. I am thankful for my freedoms.

It is this patriotism that gets me excited about July. It's a palpable feeling on the 4th. The pride we have for FREEDOM and the gratitude for the SERVICE of our military.

With that being said I would now like to introduce you to my first Patriotic set. I am particularly proud of the tractor with the message that states "Made in America," and the military boot with the flag. I drew a girl Marine in honor of my sister. She is amazing. I look up to her in so many ways. She is made of nails with the most tender and giving heart. The man in the Air Force represents my husband, in honor of his 22 years of dedicated service to our country as a single dad.

I sincerely hope you love these doodles. Share the links with friends and family so they can enjoy them too.

The set includes 29 images in both jpg and png format. It also includes 10 images in color just for fun. Enjoy and God bless. 

Purchase the set by following the link to my Etsy store ---------------> DaisyADayDoodles

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