Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Fun

I am slowly gaining followers. I love it by the way. Every time someone likes my Face Book page or comments on a picture I post at my Instagram account, I feel like a fairy. Yes, a fairy. You know... every time a baby laughs a new fairy is born. That kind of new joy. It is fresh and exciting. It breaths life into my cobweb infested soul. My thanks and many returns of love and joy to you.

It's funny because for a minute I thought, "Maybe, I will make enough money to be a full time artist with these doodles." That became my driving force and focus. Then when I launched and it didn't bring in the money I foolishly fantasized about,  I started to get discouraged. Would I really want to do this full time anyway? I am still undecided on that front. I love art. It's my outlet and passion. I am not sure I would want it to be my JOB.

I really love teaching too. During the school year that is hard to remember. Especially, when they are being naughty and pushing my buttons. At least I felt that this last two years at the middle school. I hopefully get to go back to elementary where I can be the kind of teacher who loves the kids and gets to be silly too. That's kinda my spot in the world. When others choose serious, action or scary movies you will find me down the hall at the cute new Disney movie. (If you haven't seen it by the way, you really must. I totally cried it was so good.)  Inside out. 

Anyway, back to the making money thing. I get asked by my loved ones quite often, "Have you made any money at it?" And yes I have. But, not enough to impress anyone, including myself. I pull a face and say, "No. It's discouraging." Then they ask, "Well, how long have you been at it?" I realize it's only been since May. They I feel sheepishly like a dork, because who ever makes a hand full of money in two months.

Two things have been said to me though, one from my step-sister Steph, and one from my step-son  Corey. Steph, said, "Enjoy the journey," when she purchased my paisley set. Corey said, "You can't be in it for the money." I have chewed on these two sentences for weeks as I took a little break. They really made me think.

 I started this because I wanted to use my own art on my teacher documents in my classroom. I wanted to use my own art on the newsletter I create for the young women at my church. I started sharing because I wanted to share something I love with the world. I started sharing because I wanted people to enjoy doodles. Doodling is an art. And I wanted to prove it.

Needless to say, it turned me around. I found my feet and I am off and running again. I have five new sets that I will be posting this week. You will know them by their titles. Garden Party, Dogs Life, Fairy Tale, Nerd Herd, and Birds & Bugs. I worked hard on them because I am about to go enjoy my California family. I scanned them today and can now take my work  hobby with me.

I hope you enjoy my doodles. If you do, purchase a few. If you can't find a use for them, share them. I have remembered that I just like to hear from you. If you have a set you think I could make that you could use, leave a comment on one of my pages and I will add it to my ever growing list. Thanks for the love.


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