Friday, June 26, 2015

Baby Steps

Recently, I spoke with my son who gave a whole bunch of cool advice to share my doodles with the world. I call it a doodle revolution. I know you all are closet doodlers. Admit it. You talk on the phone and doodles notes as you listen. You doodle or doodled when you were in school and your teacher was teaching up front. Doodling I am convinced releases endorphin and makes us all happier people. I honestly believe it won't be long before it has a category all it's own in the art world.

Back to my point. When I started this, I did it because I wanted to make something of my art. I wanted to do more with it. I saw and watched other ladies doing the same type of things for years and kept thinking, "I can do that." the saying goes ... "And SO she did."  But, sharing with the world is kinda hard on ones ego. I believe in my dream and so I figured everyone else would jump on the band wagon. I realize I am a baby in all this and I am learning every day. Making things better. I started to lose the joy in it because I jumped in so fast with many unrealistic expectations. It has made me take a step back and re-evaluate.

I am in this because I love it. And I am sharing it because I want others to enjoy them to. That's it. Nothing more. So I am slowing down a bit and allowing myself the baby steps I need to get where I hope to be someday. It's not a race. It's not a reflection on who I am as a person.

Baby step for today....I am adding my blog to the website bloglovin. This way maybe more people can find me. This is an adventure! A journey! Both of which by definition will take time. I will learn so much and eventually be someone others will come to for advice. It's my prayer that I will remember these beginning days and always be gracious to those who ask me for help.


Claiming my blog on blog lovin'.  Daisy a day Doodles

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