Saturday, January 23, 2016

Do You Have a Power Word for 2016?

If you are like me, you set a goal or two for each new year. Then after about 6 weeks you forget them. I have an instagram account for my doodles, a place to positively post. It helps me to keep myself on track for positive thinking by posting. Art is my happy place so I post my art etc. This year I noticed people I follow choosing a Power Word to keep them focused on their goals. Needless to say, I love this idea! One word to keep you on the right track.

So I chose a word. Once I did, I realized I needed to start acting on that word.

I decided to put it out to the universe that I would doodle power words if anyone wanted. I usually get 12 - 20 likes on my posts. In the end, I had 18 words to do. That doesn't seem like a lot. However, I am a wife, mother, and a teacher. It proved to be a little more than I thought. I wanted them to be creative, positive and meaningful. I am quite happy with how they turned out.

If you create anything in your life, (which everyone does) you know that your creation becomes an extension of yourself. (Like an arm or other appendage.) These more than most of my work are like my little children. I have always loved words and quotes. There is such a great power in words.

You may see these little beauties around. At least I hope you will. I enjoy seeing my work shared with others. I like to see what people do with them. If you would like to get these words for yourself, they are personally use only and can be purchase in my Teachers pay teacher shop or my Etsy store.

Enjoy. I hope your year will be blessed with all you wish.

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