Friday, January 8, 2016

Love Bots - Robot Love Doodle Set

Valentines smalentines. I am not a huge fan. However, I do love it at school because my students excitement is contagious. I wanted to create a set to celebrate the holiday that didn't just focus on the normal nonsense images. After recently binge watching Star Wars (the entire series), the little love bots idea was born. I have had 2 days of snow days here in the southwest, so it gave me the time to create before the idea found someone else to land on.

Color and line art! 

These little darlings came alive for me on the page. I adore them. I will be creating valentines you can print out as well. Will just take me a few days. For now, you can own the clip art for yourself. Your students will love these. Color them, print them in color, add them to your classroom fun. The would also look great on cards or scrapbook pages.

Here is a little freebie to show the quality of my work. Right click and save to your computer.

Enjoy and be happy!

~The Daisyaday Doodler

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