Sunday, August 23, 2015

We Are Better Together

Between organizing, setting up my room and practically living at the school I teach at lately.... I sadly admit my life, family, friends, faith and doodles have taken a backseat. I am emerging from the black hole of back-to-school  to breathe fresh air again. In honor of this occurrence I want to share with you three little doodles. Oh, how I miss doodling. I never thought I would want to do something more than I wanted to teach. But, I can honestly say, that doodling and any/all artistic endeavors breathe new life in me. I love it. I need it. It is such a strong drive in me. 

At church recently, a friend of mine Stephanie Evans suggested these doodles based on a lesson she was teaching our young women youth group. I loved the idea so much. I had actually been thinking about doing something like this for a while. I follow Mrs. Olson of Lucky Little Learners. In July, she started spreading a message to teachers that "Together we are better." Her message inspired me to search out other clip artists and third grade teachers at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed about moving to a new grade and school. I was also very discouraged about my doodles. Being noticed was slow going. However, as I contemplated a doodle to match her message, I just wasn't able to put the images together to create them, until I was sitting at church. (Further proof to me that all things are inspired by a higher power. At least they are in my life.) 

Friends, Family and Faithful followers... I am giving these to you It is a thank you for following, believing and having faith in me, even when I cannot be here like I wish I could. I am better because of you. I am stronger because of you. And We are better together. 

Click on the photos, then right click on your mouse and save image to your computer. Lots of versions to choose from. Jpeg, PNG, black and white, also color. Go ahead and share them with the world. Send them out with my love. They are from my heart. 

With love, 
The Daisy Doodler

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