Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Creative Process

This is an example of my process.

 I start with a sketch and copy it to my high quality Strathmore multimedia paper. Then, I add a little love to each picture with lines, shading and dots. Next, I scan the page and take it digital. 

The digital part is as much work as the drawing. I separate each image by cropping and making it transparent in Photoshop. Then,

I save each image in a .jpeg and .png format. Later, when I am done with each image I go back and digitally color them.

This is a cute little pet set that I will be using in my classroom as we read, I Wanna Iguanna. I am particularly proud of my iguana doodle. He's intense. 💗 

This set will go live by the end of the day, once they are colored and I can create a cover. Watch for it. It has lots of uses.

UPDATE - Here it is!!

iWanna Pet set - Teachers Pay Teachers

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